PiP: High School Musical On Stage!

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  1. Anna Gonzalez says:

    What an amazing show! The kids were so enthusiastic, I forgot I really didn’t like High School Musical! The dancing/cheering was top notch, as was the syncopated dribbling. The night I went, the crowd gasped when one of the boys dropped the ball, just as if we were at a game. It is mesmerizing! He recovered without a hitch. That speaks to the professionalism of this young cast, which is evident throughout the show. Each member of the ensemble gives a performance worthy of his/her ‘click.’
    The featured actors did a fine job, and my gran-daughter gave the thumbs up on Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay and Ryan – insisting we stay for autographs. Up close they did not resemble the movie characters, so congratulations to the makeup team. The costumes were wonderfully vivid, and I could tell who was who throughout the show. Gabriella had a soft quality, and I am now on a search for the pretty blue dress she wore for the above mentioned gran-daughter. I would personally like to know where Mrs. Darbus gets her jackets!
    The scenery was amazing. I wish I had went to a high school with such a greatly decorated cafeteria and science lab! A special “shout out” to the entire artistic team for really tying the whole feel together with the set, the costumes and the lights.
    If you are having any trouble deciding if you should see this, stop thinking and catch it. You will be pleasantly surprised and singing all the way home.

  2. worldclock says:

    PiP: High School Musical On Stage! | Metuchen Living – just great!

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