1st Annual Metuchen Halloween Parade

The snow didn’t dampen the spirits of the little tots in costumes! And boy did they come to show off their outfits. The Mario Brothers came and so did Smurfette. There was a canine Superman pushed on his stroller by a Dinosaur. A Storm trooper didn’t want to let go of her mommy’s hand. But that’s alright, the Pearl parking lot was wet and maybe he didn’t want to slip and fall. 😉 A teenage Flash took his time walking to the Senior Center were a DJ got the festivities going. Little Miss Wonder Woman and Batwoman came ready with their bright winter vests to keep off the cold. And a Yankee was spotted smiling at the crowd.

There was an Angry Bird that we stayed away from hence we got hit. We got along pretty well though with two smiling Grim Reapers. Luigi needed a bio break so his brother Mario took charge of the candy duties. There was a Queen Been that everyone was instructed to follow. It turns out the Queen had the map to the honey. Speaking of honey, Winney the Pooh did jump out of his stroller to sample the goods. While Strawberry Shortcake strolled by in her Sketchers. We spotted Jesus (of Nazareth not Mexico) complete with beard and crown (the gold shiny one not the thorns). There was a SWAT team carrying a light blue plastic pumpkin. Navy Seal Team 6? Maybe.
A cute little fireman was ready for the candies but not yet ready to let go of the stroller. And Woody made an appearance sans Buzz Lightyear. We caught Jessie. But she and Woody weren’t talking that day. The Green Lantern was all business that afternoon, we avoided crossing paths with him as we didn’t want him zapping us with his ring. Oh, there was one little girl sporting a fantastic red outfit – what a cute little devil!

What a wonderful Metuchen event for the little ones! See you all again next Halloween!



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