Tuesday, April 1 at 6:30pm
Metuchen High School
Come support us at the MHS Breaking the Chain Club’s annual dinner at Metuchen High School. Entertainment will include movies, slam poetry, choir performances, and dance by the students of Metuchen High School. $10 includes dinner and entertainment. Come one, come all, bring friends and family! Can’t make it? We understand! Please donate to support our rescued children!
About Breaking the Chain
We are an organization that aims to help eradicate child slave trafficking in impoverished regions in Ghana. We believe that all children have the right to freedom and to be educated.
Working to free trafficked children from the Lake Volta fishermen in Ghana.

While most children their age are at school or playing with their friends, trafficked children who work in the fishing industry in Ghana are forced to work under the searing heat of the sun. Bonded into labour due to poverty, these children (some as young as 4 years old) spend their days on Lake Volta – paddling boats, collecting fish, diving under water to disentangle nets, or working as domestic helpers in fishermen’s homes. They are not given the opportunity to go to school and are often ill-treated and malnourished.

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