Yes, we know. This event didn’t exactly happen here in Metuchen. This one happened in far away South Africa. But it could very well have happened here as I’m sure every Metuchen household were glued to their TV sets watching the World Cup Finals between the Netherlands and Spain. The Spaniards won 1-0 with only 4 minutes left in extra time. Four minutes!
And what about our own household? Well, I lost the bet with my daughter and this was her prize, that we put it on the cover of Metuchen Living! So there you have it Metuchen (and daughter), Spain is the world Champion!
Photo courtesy of El Paîs

Score One for Style as Spain Wins Cup

JOHANNESBURG — Regulation had spilled into overtime of this fractious game Sunday. The clock was nearly exhausted, as were the players. Soon, the World Cup final would be decided by its harshest verdict, penalty kicks, and skill would give way to nerve and caprice.
A record 14 yellow cards and a red would be issued by the English referee Howard Webb. An expected beautiful game between two elegant teams had turned nasty and destructive.
Finally, Spain prevailed, 1-0, over the Netherlands with great patience and an accustomed sense of drama in the 116th minute by the goal-scoring winger Andrés Iniesta, taking its first World Cup title, even if this one will be remembered more for meanness than splendor. FULL STORY

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