Ray poses with the wonderful staff of the Raymond John Salon in Metuchen NJ

Caring hearts and lots of hair flowed down the floors of the Raymond John Salon on 150 Main Street Sunday. It was the salon’s annual Cut-A-Thon whose main beneficiary this year is the Lakeview School in Edison, NJ. Raymond John Bruno DiTomasso, owner of the Salon just couldn’t believe at the support the community gave today – raising $1,600! 100% of the proceeds will go to the school. Asked to comment, Ray only had one thing to say, “I have the most amazing staff in my 17 years of business..thank you!”. And THANK YOU Raymond John Salon!

Cut-A-Thon for the Lakeview School – How it All Started

By Raymond John Bruno DiTomasso
A number of teachers as well as the principal of the Lakeview School of Edison, New Jersey come to me for their hair. The school provides one of the largest day programs for children with disabilities in the nation.

Photo courtesy of the Raymond John Salon
In 2009, the principal approached me with a pilot program she wanted to start up where the students who were able to, would actually get in to a work place and work and prepare them to assimilate into society. So I agreed and it was then I met Mercy, she is 19 years old and has cerebral palsy. Mercy works one day a week in my salon. She sweeps, folds towels, cleans the sinks and work duties of that nature. Words cannot describe how Mercy touched my heart and my life! Four other businesses followed the program.
At the end of school year this past June, those 5 students, including Mercy organized a party at their school for the 5 businesses involved with the work program. I closed my salon that day and took my staff to the party. Mercy was absolutely elated that we all went!
I passed by an area with some books and t-shirts and things of that nature that were for sale. The monies from the sale go to extra activities and things for the school..
I have never been in that school before but I grew up in this area and certainly knew of it. Being there that day and seeing the incredible love, guidance, caring, so many other things I saw there that day – I decided to have a cut a thon for that school. I have one each year for a different charity. I alone of course could never have done this, I and my wonderful staff are just grateful for the opportunity to give back.

About Lakeview School

Programs of excellence at the Lakeview School, matched with a state-of-art facility, hold the greatest promise ever for children with disabilities in New Jersey. The Lakeview School provides one of the largest day programs for children with disabilities in the nation… over 60,000 square feet, serving 180 students, ages 3 to 21 years from twelve New Jersey counties.
Students at the Lakeview School are prepared for success within the classroom and beyond through the application of traditional academics, therapeutic intervention and pre-vocational skills development.
With spacious suites for occupational, physical and speech therapy, the Lakeview School has the most extensive clinical staff of any private and public school in New Jersey.
A resource for the community, the Assistive Technology Suite offers leading-edge adaptive seating for mobility devices and customized voice output computer systems for students without speech capability.
To help each student achieve maximum potential, special enrichment programs are offered, such as adaptive physical education, music, art and photography. Completing the school’s service offerings are specialized support services, which include consultant medical and psychological services, specialized nursing services, social services, and medical screenings.
Located in picturesque Roosevelt Park, Edison, the Lakeview School is fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.
Lakeview School…the school of choice for children with disabilities in New Jersey.
Lynn Sikorski
Director of the Lakeview School

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