Fall Scenes

And so the leaves are falling and the roads of Metuchen welcomed the rush of children young and old. As early as 3pm, children donned their costumes Sunday to elicit frights and seek out treats at several Halloween-dressed Metuchen houses.
“We try to get the kids out here to do experience something memorable and fun.” said a Mom walking past St. Francis Cathedral with her little tot dressed as Woody from Toy Story. “Best of all, it’s one time of the year when candies are free!” she adds excitedly.
Centenary United Methodist Church had their annual “Trunk or Treating” at their church parking lot along Hillside Avenue. Starting at 7 p.m. Cars parked in the rear parking lot, with their trunks open, and handed out treats to the costumed children. In addition to the traditional Halloween treats, coffee, juice, apples, apple cider and munchkins were served for everyone who attended.
Kudos to the Metuchen Police Department for their high visibility tonight as everyone roamed the streets. Everywhere you went in Metuchen felt like a festival of cute little children dressed as their favorite cartoon character. The weather could not have been any better as hundreds of local kids went hunting for candies.

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  1. Awesome photos of Metuchen — and some scary ones, too! Thanks so much for creating such a great archive for our town, Ernie. I saw you out taking photos and couldn’t wait to see them! Totally lived up to expectations. Beth West.

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