Jersey Best Produce Box (Green Farms) is starting it’s third season (May 26- Oct 20). Since part of the downtown (Whole Foods area) is under construction, they have lost their pick up site at Boro Ace Hardware. Jersey Best Produce is now offering free home delivery of local, farm fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables for Metuchen Area Customers. Details and sign up can be found on their new website –

Jersey Best Produce Box, a produce box subscription program is coming to Metuchen, bringing farm fresh local produce every week starting May 27!

We spoke with Charlie Greene,  a Metuchen native and a farmer who manage the program. He excitedly tells us…

“We can’t wait to fill baskets with farm fresh locally grown produce! I arrange an assortment of locally-grown fruits and vegetables, depending on what is in harvest, from our farm in Washington, NJ (Warren County) and other New Jersey farms each week from May 27 to October 21.”

Farmer Charlie enjoying a beautiful day in the farm.
Farmer Charlie enjoying a beautiful day in the farm.

The Greenstein family, natives of Metuchen, own and operate a seven acre farm in Washington, NJ. For nearly 80 years and through four generations, they have owned and operated produce stores, fruit stands and farms throughout New Jersey.

With Jersey Best Produce Boxes, the family brings the local farm to you. Jersey Best provides high quality, seasonal fruits and vegetables to you every week. Unlike picking through produce at supermarkets, you know where it comes from; it’s fresh; it’s locally grown; it’s handpicked by quality experts; and it’s conveniently “delivered”.

Charlie Sr.
Charlie Sr. has been around produce all his life, operating family owned produce stores in Iselin and other locations before securing farmland in beautiful Warren County. Charlie has served a wide array of customers over the years, including farmer’s markets, school systems, churches, corporations, retail stores and individuals. He and his wife Debra, lived in Metuchen for nearly forty years, raising three children.

Charlie Jr.
Charlie Jr., Charlie’s son, is a 2008 graduate of Metuchen High School, and has been working at the Washington Farm since High School. He currently manages the retail operation of the farm and works at fame’s markets throughout the state.

Dana is a mother of three, a native of Metuchen and a former pharmaceutical sales executive. She has been working within family operation since childhood.

How does this produce subscription work?
This is a great opportunity for Metuchen residents to have even more choices to get fresh produce! Residents can choose a monthly or seasonal subscription.

Join them this season! Subscriptions (May-October) are now open. So contact Charlie and sign up today! You can reach him at 732 887-6615 or email

Why eat locally grown produce?

  • Taste. Local produce doesn’t have to travel long distances to get to you. It’s fresher.
  • Fun. You know where it comes from. Farm fresh means more fun preparing, cooking and eating.
  • Community. New Jersey os one of the great produce states in the nation. You are supporting agriculture and open fields, and buying not only American, but Jersey. You are part of a tight-knit community that wants to keep NJ farms in business.
  • Nutrition. It’s better for you. You know where it comes from. You know it’s fresh. Most local farmings is sustainably farmed and requires less chemicals and pesticides.
  • Environment. Buying local means less travel, which means less energy, packaging and waste. And much fewer chemicals are used in local farming and delivery.

Jersey Best Produce Box – Green Farms & Greenhouses

Sample Green Farms Jersey Best Produce Box: This is the personal size, included yellow string beans, Kirby pickles, cabbage, cilantro, tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, green and yellow squash, asparagus, radish, beets, swiss chard and spinach.