On Wednesday, June 20, 2012, Build with Purpose, will begin installing several hundred plants on the median island of South Main Street as well as downtown Metuchen next to the train station. However, volunteers are needed and donations are welcome to help defray the cost of this initiative.
Boro Hardware has generously agreed to sell the plants at cost, and the first planting is expected to take place at 2PM on June 20th. Those interested in volunteering as part of the installation should contact Rose Grummer-Strawn at rgrummer@bwpurpose.org or 732-635-1000 ext.111.
According to Brian Keenan and Keith Timko, both Metuchen residents and Directors with the organization, this effort “benefits all of us and not just because the town will look nicer but this kind of community improvement increases home values and brings a greater sense of community to Metuchen.”
As a nonprofit with a mission to build sustainable organizations and healthy vibrant communities, Build with Purpose has identified this initiative as one of ten events leading up to the organization’s tenth anniversary next year.
Locally, Build with Purpose runs the Metuchen Nonprofit Center at 224 Main Street, and the community plantings are another way of giving back to the Metuchen community. More information about this particular initiative is located at: http://bwpurpose.org/community/donate-help-beautify-metuchen/.
For more information, contact:
Keith Timko
Build with Purpose
Real Estate for Social Change

224 Main Street
Metuchen, NJ 08840
(732) 635-1000 x 152
(646) 436 0453 (Cell)

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