This year’s month-long Junebug ArtFest came to a close Friday night with Main Street overflowing with residents and visitors admiring all the Art on display for the last time. This year’s art festival will be memorable for us here at Metuchen Living as this became the banner event that we participated in as we launched this site early this month. We’ve met quite a few new friends and have gotten to know people from the Chamber quite well. The Metuchen Chamber is truly a hard working dedicated bunch folks and we raise our hats to you guys for organizing such a wonderful and successful event. I know you guys must be all ‘junebugged out’ at this time, rest assured though your hard work is truly appreciated here at Metuchen Living and we’re pretty sure by all Metuchenites! For a trip down memory lane of the past four Friday nights, here again are links to our humble contribution to this year’s festival, our photos: First Week, Second Week, Third Week.

Click here to view the complete gallery


Click here to view the complete gallery

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  1. A final, hearty thank you, Ernie, for putting this site together and featuring the ArtFest!
    I do want to make it very clear, however, that the JUNEBUG ARTFEST is a COLLABORATIVE EVENT with the METUCHEN AREA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE taking the lead in organizing and handling all of the zillions of day-to-day details and the METUCHEN CULTURAL ARTS COMMISSION members heading up most of the working areas of concern: visual arts, music/performance, booklet design, sponsorship, along with providing assistance each evening as volunteers. It is one of the very few events that require two such divergent groups to partner: the business community with the arts community…a rare and wonderful marriage!

  2. It was our pleasure Linda and it was so nice to meet you in person at last!
    Ernie and Valerie

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