Live Glassblowing Demonstration @ Borough Hall (500 Main Street)– Demo about the full process of glassblowing from East Falls Glassworks, Philadelphia’s only public access glassblowing studio. ArtFest visitors witnessed the creation of vases, ornaments, and other smaller pieces from start to finish – as well as “performance-based” work like sculpting a dragon on the end of the blowpipe with flames shooting from its mouth.

Located a few miles northwest of Center City, East Falls Glassworks is Philadelphia’s only public access glassblowing studio! Whether you’re an experienced glass artist or have never felt the thrill of manipulating 2000 degree molten glass, you are welcome to come in and see what it’s like to work with this fascinating material. Keep in mind that we are not a production factory, so you’ll want to check in first to make sure someone’s working if you want to see it live. Also please call ahead if you’d like to try it yourself, though we have a bunch of classes for those who are new to glass that take the danger away while leaving all the fun.