Video by David Zetino via Youtube

So what we could only hope as the last snowstorm of the season. The total snow which fell onto Metuchen streets was 13.1 inches (as of 9:30 a.m. Feb 15). We’ll probably need to add another 3-4 inches by Saturday night.

Metuchen residents took to social media to raise concerns or simply vent. From community efforts to help those stranded in their home especially the elderly – there was the Metuchen Snow Angels. Literally, these Angels help dig out and clean sidewalks, steps and pathways of homes.

There were days when parents were glued to twitter to get school closure announcements from the School District. Honeywell – the automated phone and email system used by the town had some hiccups in some days. Either calls/emails didn’t get through or were a good hour late. Just a number of things that went on the past weeks.

Yes, Metuchen was in high gear in terms of buzzing about getting news and information out to those who needed them.

Residents took to our Facebook page to help spread the word out about our town’s schools announcement. A week of frenzy and excitement indeed, depending on how you feel about it, had us staying late waiting for information.

And hopefully this weekend will be that start of the thaw (knock on wood, or ice).

We decided to take our camera down Main Street to see for ourselves the beauty (OR NOT) that was left there. Grab some cocoa and a warm blanket and maybe perhaps you can enjoy these photos through your computer screen.