480 Middlesex Avenue, Metuchen, NJ 08840-1457
Tel: (732) 632-8526 FAX: (732) 632-8535 E-mail: mkokola@lmxac.org
The mission of the Metuchen Public Library is to provide service, primarily to residents of Metuchen, and through the County library automation program, to qualified non-residents. To fulfill this mission, the Metuchen Public Library facilitates access to informational, recreational and cultural materials in its own collection, any shared resources and referrals to other collections.
Primary services of the library include

Secondary services of the library include maintaining and expanding non-print collections and conducting programs that reach out to various segments of the community. (Adopted by the Board of Trustees – May 9, 1990).
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Will the library be open today?
For storm closing information, listen to
wctc 1450 am or wmgq 98.3 fm.
Or check their websites,
www.wctcam.com & www.wmgqfm.com

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