Mona Lisa Bakery and Pancake House
567 Middlsex Avenue. Metuchen NJ (732) 321-9090
Pastry shop and café

From the website:

Mona Lisa Pastry Shoppe has been producing handmade breads, cookies, cakes & pastries for over three generations. We have been in the same small Brooklyn Italian neighborhood for many years.

We learned how to make these delicious products from our great grandfathers’ recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. All our recipes are original ones brought to America from the mountains of Italy.

We use 100 percent natural ingredients and there is absolutely no preservatives or chemicals of any kind. We use only the best ingredients imported from Italy.

Mona Lisa Pastry Shoppe is family owned and operated as it always was and we are very proud to bring so much happiness to your home.