In our household, a question has come up a number of times. What’s up with our fascination with soccer and little children. Granted our town is sports crazy (in a good way) to begin with. But soccer isn’t one of those sports that is in the mainstream (not yet at least) of our Sunday afternoon TV viewing habits. Yet! We start our kids off in this sport as soon as they can walk. I think I got this all figured out after a couple of Saturday mornings watching the children of Metuchen kick their soccer balls at this year’s Metuchen Town Soccer Club games at Edgar Field.

Sure you may see a kid unwillingly coerced by a parent into the field. But once they hit the field, it’s all smiles and wild screams of fun. We particularly enjoy watching the Kindergarteners. Not much rules in their play. No one mind scores there. It’s just kids kicking a ball to the goal. At least they try. But they find their fun in the running and watching their Moms and Dads cheer them on. There’s an equal abundance of grandparents too. If not more.

Kids should be running around every Saturday mornings. They shouldn’t be in front of television playing games or watching cartoons. Not that there’s anything completely wrong with those activities. It’s just that running around under the blue sky and bright sun seem more a natural thing for kids to do. Smiles all around. Having a grand time for at least a couple of hours. That’s how it should be. Added benefit for young parents is the chance to just relax, sit around and let another adult ‘supervise’ their kid. 😉

So this fascination with Soccer we conclude is a wonderful thing. Even if these kids don’t grow up playing in Major League Soccer, they at least got to run around Saturday mornings, making friends and kicking the soccer ball at Edgar Field!

Sorry, we couldn’t help it 😉

Tony Black Memorial Scholarship

The Metuchen Town Soccer Club (MTSC), the recreational soccer program in Metuchen, awards a number of scholarships each year in honor of Tony Black, the tireless, fun-loving founder of MTSC. Tony’s commitment to the game, the children of Metuchen and the spirit of sport in this community led to MTSC becoming a program that’s 550-players strong today. In his memory, MTSC gives college scholarships to several Metuchen High School players for their community service, academic achievements and love for the game of soccer. Young women and men who are varsity soccer players, have demonstrated these qualities and are planning on going to college next year are encouraged to apply.

Congratulations to the Metuchen High School Class of 2012 and this year’s recipients of the Tony Black Memorial Scholarships:

Robert Brennan
Alyssa Campisi
Andrew Donnelly
Kelcey Flaherty
Jessica Hargwood
Isabel Jordan
Nicole Kay
Nikhil Kumar
Jillian McVicker
Joseph Pahlow
Rachel Philbin
Timothy Redshaw
Nicholas Walters
Catherine Wolff

The Metuchen Town Soccer Club organizes a recreational soccer program that emphasizes equal participation and instruction for all while de-emphasizing winning and losing, league standings and all-star concepts. Their goal is for children to enjoy playing soccer while also learning sportsmanship, cooperation and the skills of the game.

The program is open to kindergarten through eighth graders who live or go to school in Metuchen or whose parent works in Metuchen. The season consists of 10 games, which are played on Saturdays beginning in early September and ending in mid-November. Second through eighth graders also have one weeknight practice per week. There are no make-ups for rain-outs.

The club believes that education and community involvement are extremely important. That is why the Tony Black Memorial Fund (named after the founder of our organization) provides college scholarships to Metuchen High School seniors. The Club also provides new soccer equipment to Metuchen schools and funding for other activities that benefit the children of Metuchen.