Family Arts of Metuchen presents the second installment of the Snowflake Concert Series featuring Preschool of Rock Feb. 23 at the Old Franklin Schoolhouse. It was another amazing sold-out event at the schoolhouse. Mike Napolitano from Preschool of Rock had the little ones rocking out! Snowflake Concert Series is a new winter children’s event sponsored by the Metuchen Arts. Don’t miss the Final concert of the series on March 23!
About Precschool of Rock
Preschool of Rock is redefining music education for the young child by inspiring creativity, confidence, and freedom through caring role models, innovative curriculum, uncommon instruments and hip music. Preschool of Rock offers music classes that are ‘roof raising’, music based, experience for families and schools. The program engages the most active child into moments of focus. More reserved children or babies gain confidence with new sounds and learn the freedom to express themselves. We explore science through our various instrument discovery sessions, math through drumming in patterns and language with our multi-lingual songs. The adult participants find that they learn new things, bond with the child, and wear a smile for the duration of the program. Our use of live, original music, world instruments, dramatic play, props, movement and storytelling captivate our audiences. Our students are encouraged to participate at any level at any pace. Children learn the basic “how to’s?” and “why’s?” pertaining to music. We encourage investigation, discovery, and creativity.

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