From the Metuchen Chamber of Commerce:
The 47th Annual Metuchen Country Fair is scheduled for Saturday, October 2, 2010 with rain dates of October 9th, 16th and 23rd. This year’s theme is “Countries of the World”. You may reserve more than one space by so marking the card. This Fair is planned for non-profit organizations and Chamber members.
Chamber members, who are located outside the Fair area, may reserve space by completing the application. PRIZES – Use your imagination and add to the fun. Monetary prizes will be awarded for the following categories: Originality, Execution of Theme and Special Youth Group Award.
The cash prizes are as follows: 1st Place – $250, 2nd Place – $100, 3rd Place – $50, and Honorable Mention – $25. The Chamber merchant who contributes most to the spirit of the Fair will receive a plaque. Organizations who wish to use outside vendors in lieu of their own volunteers may be denied and should contact Alla Dubiago at Metuchen Savings Bank (732) 548-7400 ext. 6148 for more information. If approved, there will be an additional charge of $100 per booth space. Payment must accompany the application for each 10 ft. x 10 ft. booth space as follows: $40.00 if payment is received by July 31, 2010, $50.00 if payment is received after July 31, 2010, $60.00 if payment is received after August 31, 2010, and $50.00 for each organization sponsoring kiddie/pony rides. Booth fees are not refundable. Checks should be made payable to “Metuchen Country Fair”.
If your non-profit organization chooses not to participate this year, please advise us. Also, if you are not in charge of your organization this year, please pass this notice on to the proper party. Your activities must be confined strictly to your booth and may not extend into another area. You may not solicit the Fair crowd for any funds. All profits derived from the Fair will remain with your organization. We urge you to appoint your Fair chairperson now and return the application and fee promptly to insure your reservation.
Plan for backup volunteers in the event of postponement (rain dates). You will receive your space assignment and final instructions by the end of September.
Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. If you need electricity, please so note on the application. You will have to make your own arrangement for power, but we will try to place you where it may possibly be obtained. You may not plug into street lamps. Portable generators are not allowed.
  2. For safety reasons: (a) If you are dealing with hot fat or oil, you must reserve four booth spaces. (b) Each organization in which open flame cooking is done must be equipped with at least one ABC fire extinguisher (minimum 5 lbs.). If tabletop cooking is done, 5/8″ sheetrock must be under cooking area. (c) If you are using a helium tank, it must be safely anchored in a vertical position in your booth area so it does not tip over.
  3. If you would like to be in the same spot as last year, please note this on the application. We can’t promise, but will try to make everyone happy.
  4. To identify sponsoring organizations, each booth must display a 2 ft. x 3 ft. sign bearing its name.
  5. It is mandatory that at least one member of the sponsoring organization be present and in charge of the booth all day. Recycling rules must be adhered to.
  6. Prohibited as sale articles and prizes are water guns, pea shooters, “Silly String”, caps or cap guns, and confetti. Remember the object of the Fair is to make money and have fun; we don’t want anyone hurt or embarrassed. The after Fair clean-up is already a costly proposition, so don’t offer any items that will compound the problem.
  7. The awarding of live animals as prizes is prohibited by law.
  8. 8. If your organization plans on sponsoring a game or other activity that may affect the adjoining participant’s booth space and/or their perishable items, you must provide some type of protective shield (i.e. tarp, shower curtain).
  9. You are responsible for your own booth set-up (i.e. chairs, tables, etc.) If you have any questions, please phone Alla Dubiago at Metuchen Savings Bank (732) 548-7400 ext. 6148. Cordially, Martin D. Jessen, Chairman Metuchen Country Fair

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