Tonight, dancers ruled downtown Metuchen!
Dancers of all ages showed their stuff and no one left disappointed. Friends, parents and most especially grandparents were all represented to cheer on their beloved tots. Suffice to say that Junebug’s Interactive Dance Night was a huge success.
As the chamber said, “Forget about dancing with the stars… can learn different styles of dance right here in Metuchen by our own Dance Professionals!” And learn we did. The diverse dance performances were a delight to watch and you could see in the faces of the audience that they too wished they could join in. Well, as a matter of fact some of them did join the dance festivities.
This third night of Junebug Artfest again exhibited the talents of artists in Metuchen with much excitement. We even saw renowned painter Pablo Picasso doing some signing of his masterpieces! (see photo below) 😉 Droves of people descended upon downtown Metuchen and they couldn’t be more happy with what they saw and experienced. See you again next Friday!

Begun in 2008, the Junebug Artfest is an annual FREE event—co-sponsored by the Metuchen Chamber of Commerce and the Metuchen Cultural Arts Commission and supported by the business community of Metuchen. The ArtFest is NOT a street-fair; it is a genuine art festival, where makers and performers share their creations and visitors have an opportunity to experience art of all types.

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  1. You guys are amazing! What a treasure this website is. Truly a gift to those of us loving living in Metuchen. Captures the specialness of our town. Thank you.

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