Albert” – the world’s first robotic muralist, created by SprayPrinter Technologies – will print a work at 15 Station Place, in Metuchen, New Jersey on September 12.

The robotic technology represents a shift in the art world similar to other industries in which technology is expanding human potential.

Artists are now working in tandem with machines that remove human limitations from the artistic process. SprayPrinter’s robotic muralists can easily paint massive murals in a matter of hours. The technology also enables artists to create simultaneous works from afar, in places that may not be easily accessible, running robots across the country and across the globe.

The Metuchen mural will feature artwork by Ariel Rutland, a one-time resident of Metuchen and graduate of Metuchen High School. Ariel is a freelance branding and packaging designer who spends her days working with restaurants, non-profits, and retail shops. Before going out on her own, she was senior designer at a boutique branding agency, and designer for a national retail company in NYC.

The artwork she created features the name METUCHEN in large block letters. Surrounding it are clouds and other fanciful artwork to evoke a retro video game inspired aesthetic.

This project is the latest result from the Public Art Team of the Metuchen Downtown Alliance. According to Executive Director Isaac Kremer, “Public art has the power to enliven our public spaces and contribute to the image of Metuchen as an innovative place that attracts people from far and wide to patronize our 309 downtown businesses.” Over the past two years a public art policy was developed and work has been commissioned from renowned artists.

Eric Berger, Chairman of the Metuchen Downtown Alliance adds, “We want to give people a reason to walk downtown and enjoy it. The more people we can attract the more successful our businesses will be.” One of these businesses, Hailey’s Harp-Cade opened two years ago in the building where the mural will be painted. They are a retro arcade with a bar and food menu.

Spray Printers technology was deployed for the first time in the U.S. last week in Auburn, California. Frank Ordaz, known for his artwork with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, whose work was printed, was very intrigued by the technology: “As an artist, I am always interested in finding new ways for translating and I believe that you just have to be open. I am very intrigued about the robot. Everything is always evolving and has to keep evolving. I believe you just have to embrace the change. Especially when it comes in such a cost-effective way as SprayPrinter. Artists can just take a tool and go global. Change is essential, it makes me feel alive and that’s how I want to live. SprayPrinter has to have people around the technology who believe in it because this has a huge potential to take off.”

It all boils down to what SprayPrinter is actually doing, giving the artist the most valuable asset of all: time. Time to allow inspiration to flow and time to create more works than previously possible with cans of spray paint alone. And since time equals money, having more of it only means more opportunity to expand and show their work in more places and on a much larger scale.

The Metuchen Downtown Alliance is a volunteer-based, nonprofit, downtown management corporation dedicated to the management and revitalization of the designated Metuchen business district (the District) in partnership with stakeholders, residents, municipal government, and other partners. For more information, please visit