Each year the Artfest invites an artist to create the sculpture, iconic to the year, the unveiling if which signals the official start to the month-longevent.

The 2016 8-foot wooden sculpture is filled with the cartoon whimsy, humorous illustrator and designer Chris Reed is known for. While he stands head and shoulders over most visitors, the real fun is in the details. Chris added over 50 handmade ‘bugs’ who will be hanging out there along with varieties of other objects.
“I realized right away, when I accepted the invitation…that this would take me way out of my comfort zone. It is indeed the largest piece of art I have ever created. All my work is delivered in digital format, so it has been a blast to work on a project that culminates in a tangible piece of art! I’d like to thank Linda for inviting me, it was a great honor to be chosen and to do something i’ve never done before. I’m not a painter or a sculptor. I’m an illustrator. This has been a challenge but a lot of fun and I hope you get a chance to get your picture taken with it. It’s interactive in that manner. It’s a small piece of a much larger effort by the committee. Thank you very much.”Chris Reed.

Chris Reed has over 20 years of experience working with a wide range of clients in publishing, advertising and design.  His work resonates with all age levels and when applicable, brings a sophisticated sense of humor to the table. Enthusiasm and excellence is what he strives for on each and every project.

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