A town wide garage sale is one of the most anticipated event in our town. For both the sellers and buyers, it’s an opportunity to get rid of unwanted items and a time to acquire things that you just can’t find anywhere else.

“I told my husband, I’m selling all your unopened gadgets in the basement if you don’t start using them!” quipped one excited homeowner. “Our basement is full of electronic gadgets that my husband thought he needed!” she adds, as she hands me an unopened CF card reader. I think we’d rather get an SD reader instead.

There are treasure troves galore. We sighted a complete set of video lighting equipment complete with tripods. At the next corner, there was a $20 storage box that looked like it was purchased yesterday at Pottery Barn. “It sold the minute we took it out of the house!” said the lady with a bit of regret. “We should’ve charged more!” she adds laughing.

“Lemonade! 75 cents!!!” shouted a girl of maybe 8 years. So cute we thought! It was early in our walk, so we weren’t in the mood for some. We gave them a wave though and a smile! Oh those enterprising tots.

By the time we reached Main Street, we were ready for some drinks. The weather was perfect for more walking and more window shopping. But the allure of Main Street cafes was too much to resist. We ended up passing by the Library then to La Gataeux for brunch then at 2 Chicks with Chocolate for sweets!